Over the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing a metric eff-ton of “faux-gagement” posts about personality typing—from either asking their newsfeed for their types, all the way though sharing viral Thought Catalog articles about what MBTI types are likely to order at Shake Shack. 

And to paraphrase Spiderman’s Uncle: 

With great fraudulence comes even greater irresponsibility.  

A lot of these people are wannabes at personality typing at best. 

(Hopping on this newest bandwagon in their FB feed.) 

And, at worst, borderline frauds, trying to teach it with no real deep knowledge of the subject, other than regurgitating what someone else (yes even a so-called “influencer”) had said about it. 

It reminds me of all the Facebook ad strategists. 

Notice how many have suddenly popped up over the past few months?

First, there were only a handful of go-to people—those who were well-trained and even better-versed in Facebook algorithm magic. Now, all you need to do is take a $2k course (never mind the Facebook Blueprint trainings available for free) and suddenly they’re masters of the trade. Oh, and they’ll totally do your ads for free, minus the ads cost… “just comment below!” Are you sure you want to entrust your hard-earned buckaroos (because ad spend = $) with someone fresh off a 6-week course, with a cut-and-paste ad? 

Yeah, neither would I. 

On the other hand, I’ve been doing this my entire working life. 

I’ve made a lot of sales and closed a lot of clients doing it. I’ve also talked a lot of scared or angry people out of walking out on their business, their loved ones.

And, once, someone out of ending their life. 

I’ve shown many others how to do it too, in my intensives. 

And to prove I can help you, I’ve launched Biz Typology membership site for less than the cost of a pre-teen’s allowance.

That way you can hold my feet to the fire. 

Force me to show you what I’m talking about. 

And not for a King’s ransom like most internet goo-roos demand.

And, if you follow my instructions, close a lot more clients and make a lot more sales without struggle, frustration, or the usual client-coaching games. 

If you’re game for the monthly digital coaching, plus access to a private Facebook community that is not full of Internet charlatans… all for less than your monthly Netflix bill, go here: