While getting to inbox zero sometime yesterday, I stumbled upon yet another James Altucher email that went unread. 

And it wasn’t until I searched his name in my inbox did I realize I had dozens and dozens of unread JA emails… then hit “select all” and sent them right into the trash. 

Thing is, even though he went unread for this long, I stubbornly stayed on his list. 


Because I was told for years and years that he was the “go-to” gouroux for all things creative and other whoopdeedoo. And that any one “serious about marketing” should devour his work, licking their bowl clean, and ask for more. 

But, fact of the matter is: I’m just not that into him. Which, as I came to realize today during my toxic inbox cleanup, was entirely okay. 

And yet, for months previous, I devoted that much digital real estate to his (unread, “I’ll get to it later”) emails, plugged my nose to force down his blog posts (that I didn’t jive with but “maybe at some point”), and then some. All because some human soundbites told me I should. 

Much like how many Internet people suggest that certain launch strategies are like the panacea to sales. 

Or that particular social media platforms are “must haves” for top-of-mind visibility. 

Or whatever one-size-fits-all tactic gouroux tell you. 

Which is exactly why, in this month’s videos in Biz Typology, I go over what kind of list-building strategies you can use for your unique business, based on your particular personality type. 

(Because, as it turns out, one size does not fit all.)

February’s quick-bite, easy-implementeasy videos will be available in the next few days—but only if you’re a Biz Typology member. 

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