Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more business-turned-life coaches prattling on about Human Design. 

(One of the many personality typing mechanisms being touted as being the latest “it” thing.)

Since typing is my game, I checked it out. At first, it sounded like it made sense. Here’s what the website describes it as: 

“Detailing your talents, skills, and potential it would give you a map for actualizing these. It would help you understand how you are designed to engage with the world and show you where you are susceptible to your environment’s influence and conditioning….how your inner guidance system operates and provides you with practical techniques for making decisions that can greatly enhance your experience of life.”

Sounds good, right? Except it’s based on horseshyt. 

Besides being based on your “Bodygraph”—or what looks like if your bowels were turned into a metaphysical public transportation map—it’s based on things that are largely out of your control. 

Like your birth date. 

Or, as they call it: “planetary glyphs.”
Which are “calculations” taken of the planets 88 days after your birth date to mean… something. 

(Why 88? I suppose we have to ask the cosmos.)

To add further insult to my impending aneurysm, these Human Designers rather inhumanly describe its tents as “describ[ing] characteristics attributed to your Personality. These characteristics are ones that you will recognize, as they are what you have conscious access to and therefore, can relate to. Because you consciously identify with these characteristics, you think of your personality as representation of who you are.”

Well, no shyt, Sherlock. 

And the price of understanding this horseshyt-garnished word salad?

Starts at $97, and goes up to the near thousands. 

And that’s *if* you don’t go through some of these life coaches I’ve been seeing…

But, if you want to understand these “talents, skills, and potential,” including how to use it to make money (and not just spend it on gobbledegook)… and how to recognize, know, and utilize these characteristics in your clients (no birth date required)… and use *real* science?

Which has been used by over 70% of the Fortune 100, about 2,500s college and universities, and literally hundreds of US government agencies?

(Not by the Universe, per se, but that’s pretty high up there.)

Well, you can mosey on over to the link below, for about a tenth of what a Human Designer would cost. 

To get your (psychology-backed, real science-approved) personality typing help, go here: