In the not-so-distant past, the following post came up on my newsfeed:

“Myers Briggs is cool and all, but Human Design is really where it’s at.”

(Followed by the necessary hashtags “#JustSayin” and “#FeckNormal” according to the Female Facebookpreneur Coach Rule No. 838283738292.) 

If you don’t know what Human Design is, I’ll save you the trouble: 

Per their website, Human Design  is “a map of your unique genetic design” that came into being by a “messenger” named Ra Uru Hu, who had a “mystical encounter with the Voice” during which the entirety of Human Design System was energetically downloaded to him over (the very biblical-sounding) eight days and nights. 

Or, what I later found out (and the story vastly prefer):

A man named Alan Krakower, from the mystical land of Canada, took thinly pummeled astrology, dusted it in i-Ching, and garnished it with chakral energy “science.” Then, after several years of obscurity in the 80s, presto-chango!, changed his name to more ethnic-sounding vowels and revealed his “awakening” to the masses.

In other words: what is being currently sold as the newest, mystical hot shite is really just 30-year-old cold, made-up diarrhea.

But, if you went by the comments—and most of spiritual gouroux Fakebook nowadays—HD is the second coming of Christ-on-a-stick.

Of course, forever the investigator, I made myself the guinea pig and looked up my own Human Design through the online quiz provided.

The questions asked? My birthdate, birth time, and birth place. 

Basically, no different than what an astrologer would.

And, what I got? A “report” resembling a convoluted subway map that oh-so-happens to require interpretation by a certified Human Design expert. 

This—your birth details transposed over your “energetic centers’— is what is being argued (genuinely and ferociously) to be the REAL foundation of marketing and business decisions, as well as working  and romantic relationships. 

Not science (or even “science”). 
Not human psychology and its effects on personality. 
And definitely not the complex nature of interpersonal dynamics as matured through experience and time. 

Nope. Just your birthday. 

Alas, that’s not what I teach. 

In fact, what I teach is SO unsmexy, it’s no longer “where it’s at” according to this spiritual witchpreneur, and should summarily be burned at the stake.

Instead of  astral planes and planetary positions, what I teach (how to use your personality type, and the types of others, to your benevolent advantage) can be found out in just four relatively banal (but easy to remember) questions that have nothing to do with your next birthday party.

But, where Human Design is (literally) made up of glittery mysticism, Biz Typology is based on (real, boring, hard) science. 100-year old psychological findings that in fact happen to be the Mac Daddy of the whole “typing of your real self” that all the above tools supposedly help you solve.  

Which is I understand how otherwise smart people would gravitate towards things like Human Design or even slightly more intelligible “tools” like Enneagram, Fascinate, Big 5, and so on (and on and on)—in comparison to the seductive lacy lingerie that is pseudo-science, Biz Typology is the white, cotton granny-panty science.

But, at least it’s science. 

To learn more about what these un-smexy, unbuttered potato questions are…the (real) science behind typology… and how to use it in your marketing, sales, and your day-to-day lives (no birthday needed), go here: