I recently saw a meme on Facebook that had Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes, Gandalf the Wizard, Dr. House, MD, and Marlon Brando’s Godfather on it.

It also had “INTJ” written across the bottom.

And underneath that, the words:

“Everybody wants to be like us. Dream on, everybody.”

I don’t know the person who created this meme, but I do know this person is not an INTJ. Or even an “I” at all. In fact, the person is almost certainly a fake introvert, and is clearly an extrovert or an “E.”

My INTJ confirmed this when I showed it to him:

“An INTJ has better things to do than share self-propping memes”

But this goes for anyone who thinks they are an I.

If someone is claiming to be an I yet looking to the Internet for validation about how “I” they are, how intelligent they are, or how “superior” they are to other types… they are really E’s. 

And that’s because E’s (and being an E myself, I don’t exactly take pride in admitting this!) are, in some way or another, always seeking and needing validation from others.

I’s — true I’s — don’t care about validation.

In fact, I’s care about something completely different—which, yes, can amount to a fair (or even a lot) of validation and recognition in itself.

But, that’s not their main focus. 

Take Johnny Carson for example. 

His main goal wasn’t to be the most watched man on TV back in the day. But his main goal—to be the best entertainer around—made him more recognizable than the President of the United States. 

It’s a subtle but important difference.

A difference that creators of memes like this one are missing entirely.

That’s why I say, anyone claiming to be an I who does this kind of thing is what I call a fake I.

True I’s may enjoy when validation and recognition when it happens (but usually not as they prefer to off of anyone’s radars — that’s why they are I’s), but they don’t actively seek it. And they definitely don’t create memes pounding their chests about their supposed superiority.

It’s trendy to be an I these days, and this is probably why fake I’s make these kinds of memes.

But if you’re in business, and want to use your natural personality strengths to your advantage, being 100% ruthlessly honest about yourself is the first step.

Knowing what your true type is (and learning how to type others—without them needing to take a test) and how to profit from it is something I teach in my Masterclass, you get when you join my Biz Typology membership site.

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