I have a terrible confession to make:

I am madly in love… with the trashy TV show, 90 Day Fiancé.

The show is about couples who are applying for a K-1 visa (the fiancé visa) so their foreign spouse can move to the United States and apply for a green card. Thing is, per US law, once they get the visa, they have to marry in 90 days. 

Often the couples have never met each other in-person before and, other than the occasional Skype call or messenger chat, don’t really know each other. So, as you can imagine, you have the usual suspects: 

– The creepy divorcee traveling to Latin America/Southeast Asia to meet the younger woman he fell in love with online (or by mail-order) 

– The foreign “model” in search of a (rich, older, potentially green-card-giving) man

– The older single parent so desperate for love, they’re a catfish’s easy pickings

– The younger, hotter cad looking for a lazy leg up and into the US

(There are also normal people who do this, those who met during study-abroad or  while backpacking through Europe—but, let’s face it, they’re boring.)

But, besides the obvious rubbernecking entertainment, this is also a very useful exercise of Typing-in-Action. Like, when a poor schlub falls so cringingly hard for the clearly gold-digging catfish…Or when the younger, hotter foreigner uses their feminine (and sometimes masculine) wiles to seduce them in the first place…

It’s easy to see how much they are embodying their personality type—and how easily manipulated (and manipulative) the types of others can be. 

Specifically, how someone can be so forward-thinking and cold as to use whatever foils they have (looks, youth, status, etc.) to seduce, bewilder, and entice… or, to be so short-sighted, emotional, and impulsive they willingly fling themselves (and countless time and monie) at them. 

Of course, I wouldn’t condone manipulating anyone.  

(Well, out-loud anyway.)

But, knowing what hot buttons to push can be enormously helpful, especially if you’re selling or servicing or otherwise marketing to a particular (likely hot, thirsty, desperate) audience. 

It can also be helpful to know what vulnerabilities to protect in yourself, so you don’t end up in the marketing tropics, looking falling for your own Client Catfish. 

And you don’t have to embarrass yourself on TV to do it. 

If you want to learn how to identify and how to ethically these buttons to get your market to buy from you and even sell for you… and how to detect (and protect) your vulnerabilities faster than a TSA scan, then look no further than Biz Typology, where I teach how to use personality typing to your (hopefully benevolent) advantage. 

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