In the not-so distant past, I was speaking to my client, Julie (last name withheld by request—she’s in a sensitive niche) about her troubles with conversion rates.

Specifically, with what to say to connect with clients in order to get them to buy.

In our conversation, I said something entirely off the cuff and, before I could ramble on to the next thing, her eyes lit up. After the call, she took of running with my suggestion and reported back with this:

SHOUT OUT to the Queen! I cannot say ENOUGH how amazing Stefanie is! Honing in on my messaging has been a little bit of a struggle… okay well, after this morning’s intensive with her… I have NEVER had ANYONE so succinctly ‘get’ my message and be able to reframe it so succinctly, and in under an hour!… If you’re not getting the conversions from your words – you are wasting valuable time…. TIME IS MONEY… hire this girl and get on with it!

Calling me the Queen, I think, is a bit much.

Princess, maybe…

Do you want to know what I told her to get quick results?

Unfortunately, I can’t go into it here.

(Too valuable to give free.)

But in the first season of my Biz Typology series (specifically, the video titled “When Client F Themselves” ) I show you exactly what I taught her, so you can do the same thing to almost instantly bump your conversions as early as today if you want.


If you sign up this weekend, you’ll also have access to a live training coming up that’ll not only go into how to apply Biz Typology into continuity offers, but specifically what *kind* of continuity offer works best for your type, and how I did it in my own business. 

From soup to nuts, I’ll be going over my exact launch strategy that allowed me to have the most successful (and first fully-scalable) launch in my business without breaking a sweat. 

(Or, stressing out during vacation—which is what I was on when I hit the GO button.)

If you join Biz Typology this weekend, this training is yours free—and, as a live call, you’ll be able to ask all the brain-picking questions you’d like. 

But you only have until January 14th, 11:59 pm EST to sign up. After that, the live training will be taken off the shelf, to be repackaged and sold as its own product somewhere around the $297 mark. 

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