That is what the news headline would’ve been had my crotchety Puerto Rican dad not hit the brakes on time.

When I think back to childhood memories, I skip over all the usual kid-niceties (favorite cartoons, playdates, all that stuff) and land right on the many ill-fated road-tripping with my dad.

See, he was kind of an irritable guy. But in a mostly comical way—like a Latino Larry David crossed with a right-wing Homer Simpson (or a triple-distilled Archie Bunker), deep-fried in Brooklyn pizza grease.

Everything annoyed him—especially when my brother and I would whine in the car. 

Which was a frequent occurrence since he’d often get us lost. And, as a Larry Homer Bunker hybrid, he was above directions, cartography, or even basic geography—and sometimes (read: usually) common sense. 

One such time, we were lost in the middle of the night in the Catskills, trying to find the best way to some place or another (I don’t remember, because we never got there). 

Amidst my dad giving us a resounding “SHADDUP I’M TRYIN’A SEE” (a favorite phrase), he made a sharp turn onto an unlit (and basically dirt) road—where suddenly dozens of black satin backs were in front of us. 

My dad slammed on the brakes and his horn (the horn especially since it was the middle of the night) and nearly sent us careening into a tree. 

In front of us stood dozens of shocked and confused faces—a group of about 20 Hasidic Jews on their way from (or to?) Kiryas Joel were nearly creamed by my dad—of course to his profanity-laden annoyance.

So, what does this have to do with Biz Typology?

Maybe nothing.

It all depends on your personality type.

You see, there are some people who read that quirky story, thought it was a funny and engaging tale, and maybe even laughed out loud. There are others who probably hated it, were bored to tears, and may be even reaching for the unsubscribe button. And there are still some who were completely apathetic and probably deleted this email five paragraphs ago and aren’t even reading this right now.

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