Yesterday afternoon, I threw approximately $250 in the trash. 

Not in marked bills, mind you, but another kind of paper—hundreds of smackaroos spent on planners and planning materials went right in the bin. 

Thing is, planning is not my thing. But, I desperately wanted it to be. 

In fact, I convinced myself that *because* I spent that much on planners and materials (which was suspiciously made up of mostly stickers) that I’d suddenly become a “plan-y” person. 

That, for all intents of purposes, I’d finally out P-myself and become a J. 

Turns out, all it takes is 1- a looming trip (and flight time), 2- a possibly overweight checked bag, and 3- all the stress in between for my good intentions laid in December (“I will plan all the things!”) to totally go out the window. 

Or, in this instance, in the kitchen trash can.

And, I have to admit—it’s not just my luggage that got much lighter. It feels good to not HAVE to abide by a 3-inch coiled monster that some Instagram plan-a-ho told me would “revolutionize” my productivity…

…and instead to rely on the very system (or lack thereof) that allowed me to flourish in college, 3 different law firms, and, later, law school. 

My luggage wheels felt better. I felt better. Even my INTJ felt better (not that he feels much): “Again with the stickers?” he’d groan when I’d pull them out during our 24 marathon.

Now that we’re well into March, I wonder how much more productive I could have really been had I not ham-fisted a strategy that was so inherently against my personality type, even if for a few months. 

Much like how many clients I could have had, had I not followed someone else’s one-size-fits-everyone sales tactics. 

Or how much better my relationship currently is because I pointedly did not listen to some people’s relationship “advice.”

And so on. 

This is just the tip of the Biz Typology iceberg, of course. For the rest, including: how to write copy and content your clients actually want to read (and not delete)…the 4 ways to avoid the relationship death spiral (and bad Yelp reviews)… and how to list-build without gouging your eyes out. 

All in short-bite, easy-to-implement videos, for less of a cost than a cocktail (and in less time). The bartender’s right here: