About a week ago, Facebook took an official stance on “engagement” posts: 

Through its algorithm, Facebook will “read” your posts and assess it for authenticity and genuine engagement. 

If it passes muster, your friends and followers will see it. 

If it doesn’t, your post will be disappeared by the Facebook black van, never to be seen again.

Now, some marketers and “Facebook influencers” are freaking out about this.

Because many of these people have relied on this kind of “engagement engineering”—those incessant “comment with a GIF!” and “say yes in the comments!” posts— to push them up the proverbial food chain by “gaming” the system.

But, now, that’s no more. Zuck & Co.—and, in effect, the robots—are striking back.

And, soon, marketers will be forced to what they’ve been trying to avoid: 

To be interesting.

But, to do that involves knowing your market and what it is that they find interesting—and, dare I say it, entertaining—to begin with.

One of the ways to do that is through personality typing. 

Not only will you know what your true “secret sauce” is (and what it actually is, not what some influenz-er tells you it should be), you’ll also know exactly how your market behaves so you can anticipate what will work—and what will tank—based on their personalities. 

Or, you could rely on just one more “fauxgagement” hack. 
(And Facebook will tell you where to stick it in a GIF.)

To get your (meme-less, but value-full) fill on how to do this using personality typing, go here: