A couple of days ago, I got an email from United Airlines with a report on how much I traveled with them last year. 

In 2017, I’ve apparently flown 27 times for a total of 31,079 miles. 

(Which is 6,178 miles more than the circumference of the earth—and not counting my flights with three other major airlines.) 

Now, a gouroux would take this as an opportunity to bleat about  “location independence” and “the freedom lifestyle.” 

But this says less about my “laptop life” as much as it does my personality type. Because it takes a certain personality to willingly put themselves through 27 flight safety demonstrations, and 31,079 miles worth of being trapped in a tin can hurtling through the air at 500 knots. 

As Grim Reaper Nicole English commented, it’s rather E of me. 

And it is. 

Question is why should you care?

Because there are far too many people in the Internet marketing world who build their businesses to suit someone else’s preferences. 

For example, there are I’s who hate travel and being around people. And yet they end up going to all the seminars and all the masterminds…trying to network at bars…juggling a team of people..and are now miserable. Then, (surprisingly!) their work suffers, their businesses suffer, and they suffer.

On the other hand, there are lots of E’s who work alone at home, are one-man-bands with have little or no interaction with people, living the “working at home!” lifestyle…who absolutely hate it. They’d be better off at a co-working space and building a team to support them.

(And I can certainly attest to the mental, physical, and emotional toll that “working from home” took on my life, business, and even waistline…) 

These things matter more than most people think. And in ways that most people don’t.

But, these things can (if managed correctly—as in, if you’re dialed into your personality type, instead of fighting against it), put a lot more sales in your bank account. And a lot faster than you think.

Speaking of tap dancing with personality typing devil:

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