A few days ago, my INTJ sent me a screenshot of an adorable ad: a sponsored post about how, according to some ragamuffin messenger platform, email was dead.

Stick a fork in it, messenger bots are here to stay. 

Thing is, the ad led to an opt-in.

Meaning, the ad about dead email…asks for your email address. 

Not exactly the most well-thought-out strategy. 

Now, I’m not the one to talk about email specifically—I leave that to marketing miscreants like Ben Settle. 

But, I can talk about how a good idea in theory (like, a blog post thumb-tacked to a content strategy plan)…may turn out a complete differently (i.e. poorly as piss) in execution. 

Or how your “message” (whether it be your sales script, copy, even your client-onboarding and hiring processes) may be entirely incongruent with what you’re trying to do. 

Or, worse, with your customers and clients. 

There are a few ways to combat this. 

One of them is using Biz Typology—or Personality Type-Based Marketing—in your business, marketing, and sales strategy. And you can, for less than your Netflix subscription. 

To learn more about how to use personality typing to better connect with your clients, customers, team members, and even JV partners—for less than 33 cents a day—go here: