In the Biz Typology Facebook group (aptly called The Bullpen), a healthy discussion is going on about arguably the least secksiest variables in personality typing—the P’s and J’s, or the Perceivers and Judgers.

Specifically, of how to be more productive as a P—or, the ADHD-riddled type. 

This is a deeply personal topic for me as, well, you guessed it, I have an enlarged P. 

A few weeks ago, my INTJ and I were in deep discussion of all the things we have coming down the pipeline this coming year: with upcoming launches (at the time, my new membership site and his new info products), travel (for business, pleasure, and both), as well as ongoing projects (him finishing up his horror novels, and my second—or as I call “goomah”—admissions business, client work, etc.). 

All in all, we both are ridiculously busy next year, in a good way. 

During our conversation, my INTJ was growing more and more anxious…. until he looked at his schedule that he’s planned all the way through the new year—since September. Then, he felt a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, I felt okay—in fact, excited even. That is until he mentioned his schedule. The more and more dates he added to the calendar, the less and less I could feel my feet.

And, when he printed it out, I nearly broke out in hives. 


Because, as a P, I thrive off of flexibility (if I’m being honest) a little chaos.  Like a force of nature (or, to my INTJ, an act of God), my best work comes out of (sometimes extreme) pressure—unexpectedly and in TORRENTS. 

By “working best under pressure,” I’m meaning my weight in carats—I’m most valuable when extreme, almost-unearthly friction is applied.

Which is something my INTJ is actually a little envious of. 

Because, as a P, I can binge work for hours, and even days and days—and he can’t. 

Instead, he has to chip at things, brick by brick. 

Hour by hour, day by day, he knows EXACTLY what he’s going to do, and exactly what it’s going to look like. He can time his work output (and even energy, sleep, and hunger levels) to the T and almost within the 15 minutes.

Heavily regimented, detailed schedules is what makes his iron sing. 

But, me? It makes me want to throw up. 

Meanwhile, when he throws his hands up at my “IMPOSSIBLE!” schedule and timelines I impose on myself, I rub my hands in glee. 

Like, writing my sales page in about only a day or two (minus some sleep).

Or, writing a manic number of emails in only a few hours. 

He says if he could binge work like I can, he’d probably be a billionaire (which isn’t an exaggeration by any means).  

Meanwhile, if I could work like him, I would have launched several of these projects months earlier and manage to get a decent amount of sleep every night. 

Alas, we can only work the way we can. And, for our own health and sanity’s sake (and, if I’m being honest, our relationship’s), it serves that we stay in our own lane. 

Here’s the good news: 

If you know how to tap into your particular personality’s strengths (like my chaos-addled work ethic and his rigidly-disciplined strategy), you can make a lot more sales, close a lot more clients, and have a lot more peace of mind. And, you’ll know who are the best JV partners, team members, vendors, and VAs to get even more work done and make even more sales (with a lot less effort and stress). 

This is just one of the things I talk about in my Biz Typology membership site. 

It’s not expensive. In fact, it’s less than your Netflix subscription per month (for real). 

And it’s well worth that much more peace of mind (and far less aggravation when dealing with yourself, and other people).

Here’s the link: