About 9 months ago, I was stranded in California. Since the Eastern seaboard was getting battered by the snowpocalypse at the time, I was “stuck” in San Diego and its absolutely awful 85-degree weather for several days. I know, boo hoo.

Of course, I did what anyone would do after 74847383959 flight cancellations: drink copious amounts of wine with a (single) friend while spilling the beans on a certain INTJ I had developed feelings for.

But before I could go on (and on and on and on and on) about it, my (very single) friend interjected with advice—of how I can make his feelings for me better, faster, and stronger. 

Or, you know: how to make it “Facebook official.”

Like, for example, by:

– Not flying out to see him again until he said he loved me
– Being cold and less affectionate so he’d miss me more
– Asking him what our “status” was and demanding confirmation of our relationship

Admittedly, some of these tactics work great on certain personality types.

But, they would have been disastrous for his.

Which is why I made it a point to do the exact *opposite* of everything she told me to do.


Because the only thing that would come of it would be me begrudgingly reinstalling Tinder.

See, in the months prior to my trip, I was already implementing personality typing into my business: “typing” my prospects and my clients, so I’d know how to communicate (i.e., approach, sell, and work) with them. 

And, when this certain INTJ popped up, I knew exactly what to do. Or rather, I understood how he operated—what he liked and didn’t like, and what parts of my personality he’d appreciate most.

(I also knew whether or not we’d be a good fit to begin with and what areas we’d need to work on because, let’s be real–it’s not all fun and games.)

In other words, I had the dating cheat codes to putting my best foot forward—and how not to step all over his in my ENFP excitement.

So, when I talk about Personality Type-Based Marketing being applicable to *nearly every aspect of your life*, I mean it.
It not only completely changed the way I make sales for both myself AND my clients, it also made almost every relationship in my life better—from friends, family, to… yes, now my significant other.

The only place to learn Personality Type-Based Marketing is in my membership site, Biz Typology, which is now open. And, as an added bonus, you’ll get a free month of group coaching if you sign up during the (short, only days-long) launch.

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