Recently, a well-known life coach who used to pound his chest about being an entrepreneur decided to shelf the entire business for what’s essentially a job.

(To work exclusively on a team, for an entirely different brand.)

It’s certainly his right to do that, and I wish all the power to him.

But… he’s not really an “entrepreneur.”

(Or any kind of “-preneur”)

And he knows that. So he’s doing what make sense for him, his personality type, and his goals.

(His actual goals, too—not what some motivational meme tells him they are.)

But here’s what this has to (potentially) do with you:

If you don’t really have the traits of a typical entrepreneur (and, statistically, you most of us don’t—take away the Internet or Facebook and pretty much everyone I know would be out of business in a heartbeat) that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own successful and thriving business anyway.

That’s where Biz Typology comes in.

I can tell you right now, I lack a lot of core entrepreneurial traits. And so do most people I know in business. But, if you understand how to outsource, team up with, and utilize the resources of other personality types the way I teach (and do myself), you can bring home the income you want, while minimizing your risks, mitigating your weaknesses, and being completely at peace and happy each day doing it.

I’m going to be doing a round of videos on how to do this later this month.

If you have even a shred of insecurity wondering if you’re really an “entrepreneur” or are always struggling with things you see other people breeze through, these videos can change all that around almost overnight.

But they’re only available here, and for less than your next Netflix bill. 

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