A few months ago, I was hired by Ben Settle (email player and raconteur) to edit his 5th installment of Enoch Wars, titled “Werewolf Bastard”. 

Long story short, it went violently well. 

(His words, not mine, so I’m not pounding my bewbs here bragging)

In Part 4 of our interview, Ben will tell you all about it, and how to use this information to give yourself more peace of mind when hiring someone (VA, employee, etc, or even doing JV’s) below:

BEN SETTLE:  Here’s another question I have for you, and I have a real-life example with you about this that I would like you to talk about. How does knowing this and understanding it let you have more peace of mind when you’re dealing with other people in business? For example, when you’re hiring someone? There’s dealing with them, but then there’s having more peace of mind. Maybe I should even tell this story… 

STEFANIE ARROYO: Yeah, I think you should tell it, from your side. I want to hear it…

BEN SETTLE: I hired Stefanie to edit my last novel. I handed it to the guy who publishes it and I handed it to her at the same time, and also to the guy does the covers. The guy who does the covers, it takes him about a month or a month and a half just to work it in his schedule and all that, and I don’t want to rush him or anything. I kept telling Stefanie, “Okay, when are you gonna edit this thing?” This is before I showed her how to do her schedule. She said, “I’m gonna do it this weekend.” And then the weekend would go by and it wouldn’t get done. A bunch of other stuff comes up. All these other things would come up. 

STEFANIE ARROYO: Bright, shiny ideas came up. 

BEN SETTLE: Bright shiny ideas would come up, and this happened for almost two months. “I’m gonna do it when I’m on the plane.” “I’m gonna do this whenever.” “I’m just gonna work on this.” And she never even looked at it for like a month, or month and a half. Finally the cover was done, and I want to get this book published. The cover’s done, I said, “Stefanie, why hasn’t this been done yet? This needs to be done.” 

STEFANIE ARROYO: Well, you said it a little louder than that. 

BEN SETTLE: Yes… But, then you did a marathon thing with it. This is what helped me make your schedule after I saw that. You can never do things the way I do. In fact, not only would you be in chaos trying to do things my way (everything early and all that), but I don’t think you would have done as good of a job. I think, the fact that you waited until the last possible crashing minute, when it was that screaming crisis … and I don’t know if this is a lawyer thing or what, because I know they do the same thing. You waited until the last minute, when it all came down, you did it in a 36-hour marathon. I don’t even think you slept. 


BEN SETTLE: But, I realize I didn’t get as angry as I normally would, because I remember you telling me, “I’m an ENFP, this is how I work.” It gave me tremendous peace of mind because I just saw you do it when it needed to be done. I guess the question is: is this a normal thing? 

STEFANIE ARROYO: It is a normal thing. This is something that I’ve spoken to other ENFPs about. People do operate differently. The way that you work would drive me insane because there’s no discernible goal right in front of me, I feel like I’m doing all these little things every day and I’m not moving forward. At the same time, I need to be deeply into my work—I can’t just tread water, I need to go down, like scuba-diving down. 

BEN SETTLE: You binge. 

STEFANIE ARROYO: Yeah, I binge work. I can’t just do one chapter, put it away, do something else. I need to see it to the end. 

BEN SETTLE: Which is why when you did your opt-in video, I put that as one day. “That’s your only job today.” 


BEN SETTLE: There were a couple little things, but they didn’t really matter. I kept saying, “That’s the priority. Just do it.” And you did it all in a day. You put the opt-in page up in a day, you did all this stuff in one day, and yet it would have taken who knows how long had you tried to do it my way. Which is essentially what you were doing. You were kind of doing it my way over the last couple of months without realizing it. Because that’s the way that most people want to think that’s how you do it, right? You can actually embrace your binge-working personality, and get a lot of work done with the right schedule. 

STEFANIE ARROYO: And I have, totally. At the same time, utilizing other people’s methods (which I had tried doing before)…I tried to productivity hack it six weeks from Sunday but, in doing that, I was doing it wrong because I was using everyone else’s strategy that maybe works for their personality type, but was horrible for mine. Which is why, no matter what plan, or what system, or what have you, what “getting things done” thing I did, I could never get it done the way that would work for me, because it didn’t work for me. 

BEN SETTLE: If people got nothing else out of this talk but, figure out what your personality type is and embrace the strength and run with it, and don’t worry about what the rest of society is telling you to do. If you’re an “E” don’t listen to what the INTJ tells you to do. Unless he understands it the way I did. I didn’t understand that until recently. 

STEFANIE ARROYO: And outsource your weaknesses, by far. 

BEN SETTLE: Yeah, outsource all the weaknesses. What about outside of business? You talk about how this applied to your dating life, it could apply to your family life, work life. If you have a job still, or if you have bosses, if you’re dealing with parents, whatever. How does this apply? 


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P.S. There will be a bonus Part 5 of this interview later today I salvaged from the cutting room floor I wasn’t originally going to share. It’s not about business, it’s a glimpse into how Biz Typology works with secks and dating. Something I’ll be going into inside Biz Typology (under the section titled “Dr. Stef, Medicine Woman) over the coming days and weeks.