Reader and Biz Typology subscriber Justin Dickinson reports the following: 

Congratz on launching your new product and sticking to your daily emails like the man Mr. Settle teaches!

I’m thoroughly enjoying the site you put together. The online vids you made are chalk full of useful and practical info.

I always thought personality typing was…  incomplete… I think cause I didn’t like the idea of boxing people into strict categories.

But after listening to you I realized knowing the personality types is a great guideline to understanding how people think, their attitudes, their beliefs and what aspects of life they put more importance on than others.

Now I don’t think there is a single person out there that couldn’t benefit from a study of personality typing in some way.

Thank you for the new insights and I wish you 10x the success in the new year!

My bias-slip may be showing, but I think Justin is 1000% correct.

Speaking of using personality typing ways for good:

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On the live call, I’ll show you, from soup to nuts, the launch of my own continuity product, Biz Typology, as well as how to choose the right offer for your personality type. And, since it’s a live training, you’ll have ample opportunity to ask all the brain picking questions you’d like. 

But, this bonus expires at tonight at 11:59 pm EST—in only a few hours. 

After that, the bonus will be taken off the shelf, repackaged and will reappear as its own product retailing upwards of $297 or so. 

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