Sometime last week, I stumbled across a Facebook post asking for people’s opinions on membership sites. 

I expected the usual banal responses (and the sneaky-sneaky plug by a marketing prole or two).
But my favorite response by far was from a man who said he’d NEVERRRRR participate in a membership site as it’s usually run in a very “cult-like” manner that he found “disturbing.” 

When asked if he knew this first hand, he said no.  

So, how does he know about this cultish behavior never joining in a membership site himself? 

He knows this because he has a “fantastic ability to observe people from afar.”

Of course. 

While few of us are equipped with an all-seeing Sauron-like eye he has, I can fill you in on some of my thoughts on the subject. 

I’ve been a part of a few membership sites over the past few years and, as it so happens, I now run my own. 

Is it worth it? 

Well, that depends. 

There are some membership sites that I immediately regretted joining once I hit “submit payment.”

Others still I joined, am glad I joined, and happily wave the monthly fee sayonara every month to be a part of it.  

And, since I’ve founded my own membership site (and I suppose my own cult), I can tell you something else:

Continuity is great… for some people. 

Luckily, I’m one of these people. But, for others, not so much. 

And that’s not due to some character flaw or inability to channel your inner Moonie. 

Instead, it comes down to whether it suits you—and, specifically, your personality type. 

When figuring if you should (or shouldn’t) have a continuity product, you’ll need to know two things: 

1- your (true) personality type
2- the real ins and outs of creating a continuity offer.

In the January issue of Email Players (the greatest email copywriting newsletter in all the land), the curtains were pulled back on my entire business model and membership launch, from soup to nuts.

But, to have gotten your hot little hands on it, you needed to have been an Email Players subscriber at the time—and since you can’t order back issues, your one-and-only shot passed over a week ago. 

But to give those who aren’t Email Players subscribers a peek (and, to those who are, further insight into what makes Biz Typology tick), I will be holding a special training on how to create a continuity product according to your personality type—and, whether a continuity product is even right for you.

Plus, I’ll show you how I was able to do this on a relatively shoestring budget—without hiring a million strategists and VAs, getting my chakras aligned or metaphysical spine cracked, or falling into the infamous “launch fog.” 

(In fact, I was technically on vacation when it launched.)

This training will be recorded live—and later sold as its own product. 

But, if you join Biz Typology by Sunday, January 14th, you’ll not only have access to the live call (where you can ask all the brain-picking questions you’d like) you’ll also get the training as yours to keep, free. 

After the 14th, it will be sold as its own product (no live call-in or Q&As) and will cost somewhere around $297 or more.

To learn your true personality type (and not what some internet quiz tells you)…what a continuity product you’re naturally equipped to offer…AND the exact blueprint I used to launch mine, then go forth here before the deadline: