In the not so distant past, I had a new client join the ranks to work with me 1:1.

She was DYING to work with me, she said. And, since I thoroughly enjoyed our discovery call, I was pretty excited too.

But, lo and behold, the Universe intervened.

She signed on, promising payment of my paid-in-full rate within the week, in advance of our call the week after that. But, as the call grew closer and closer, my invoice grew dustier and dustier—and remained unpaid.

On the morning of our call, I sent her a message asking her what was going on—to be nice. (Nowadays, I wouldn’t even bother, but more on that later.)

“Something is just not sitting right about me with this transaction, the energy around it just isn’t right. I can feel the energy in your urgency in money. You’re clearly operating from a lack mentality.”

Apparently, the Universe, Source, or what have you told her that paying an amount, at a rate and schedule she herself agreed to, was bad news.

Or better yet: my expecting to be paid for my time and services, and making that wild and crazy expectation known, meant I had bad money juju.

Now, I’ll admit—sometimes, you can’t type crazy. But, using Personality Type-Based Marketing can certainly make it a lot easier to deal with the one bad apple in the client bushel. Had I known to ask her just a few short questions, I would have known exactly who she was, where she was coming from—and, yes, whether I could expect to be paid on time or not.

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