Last year, I asked typing naysayers why they hate personality tests so much. 

And, much to my amusement, their complaints went something like this: 

“We are not boxes! We are not letters. We are all as individual as a fingerprint or snowflake.”

I’ll give them this—they sure sound like snowflakes.

Why anyone would label themselves willingly as a snowflake is beyond me. Likewise, why anyone would mistake the opportunity to understand their market better as putting “LABELS!!!1” on people. 

(While I’m dedicated to figuring out what makes people tick, my expertise only extends to those with common sense.) 

But, if you are someone who sees the value in truly understanding your market—their motivations, their ingrained habits, even their knee-jerk, visceral beliefs—then you’re in luck. 

If you join Biz Typology this weekend, you’ll not only have instant, presto-chango access to short, easy-to-implement video trainings (9 in total, with more forthcoming very soon), but you’ll also have access to my upcoming live training on how to create a continuity product specific to your personality type. 

You know, according to that handy little box and handful of letters that all too easily describes how you *really* operate. 

This training is available to all Biz Typology members for free—but only if you join by Sunday, January 14th. After that, the training will be repackaged and sold for upwards of $297 or so. 

If you want further insight into how to speak to your clients and customers the way they want to be spoken to…and figure out what continuity product will work best for your own personality type…and you’re decidedly not a snowflake, go here: