Multiple personality-type disorder

Let’s talk about dildos.

There’s a particular mindset coach with a pretty rabid following—only on Facebook—who is known for being bold, brazen, and brash, especially when talking about certain…*lascivious* topics. Not that long ago, she lived up to her infamy on a livestream where she putting the EEEE in Extroversion, waving a dildo around while loudly, and PROUDLY, proclaiming its place in her manifesting practice. That one dildo in particular netted her thousands of dollars, apparently.

If you’ve followed me for even the shortest period of time, you already know how I feel about this sort of thing.

But hell if that wasn’t entertaining. 

Especially since I have known a few people (several of them being my clients) who have spoken to her personally and were even MORE shocked when getting her on phone. 

Not because she was moaning on the line or doing some kind of dildo-alchemy to magnetize money…but because of how soft-spoken she is. According to one client of mine, she seemed almost *shy*. 

To them, the disconnect was WAY more arresting than the dildo. 

Part of what I teach is what “tells” to look for when speaking to potential clients and customers—or even when reading their comments and posts online—to know what personality types you are dealing with. 

(This works especialy when someone is telling you they are one particular type… and yet their “tells” indicate otherwise.)

But what do you do when someone’s a totally different type than their online persona? I.e., when they present themselves one way online, but are entirely different when on the phone or in person?

This actually happens all the time.

Which leads me to my larger point: many people complain that personality typing, especially the MBTI, puts people into “boxes,” almost against their will. That, once they’re labeled one type, they’re that type forever and ever, and thus inherently unfair to the human experience. 

That, simply put, is hot garbage.

People change types all the times throughout their lifetimes: they may have been an Introvert as a child, but grew to become an Extrovert, or vice-versa. Same with Thinking, Feeling, and even Perceiving and Judging. 

Or, they embody traits of an entirely different type when they’re conducting their business. And, the moment they get on the phone, or turn off their laptop, they’re a different type. 

In other words, people change. And change often.

This is why knowing how to truly type people—and not just go by what they “say” they are—is incredibly important. Because we all wear different faces every day, as business owners, parents, partners, even friends. And by understanding these many faces and facets, you’ll VASTLY improve your relationships with your clients, family, and essentially everyone you communicate with. Why? Because you’ll know them for who they truly are—changing, dynamic people.

And, trust, it’s not hard—once you get the hang of it, the applications (and benefits) are endless.  

This is the kind of ish I cover in my membership site, Biz Typology.

Later today, I’ll be going on livesteam (sorry, no dildos—at least for the foreseeable future anyway) talking about the future of Biz Typology and how my goals can help make you profits. But for that information—and access to over 50 short-bite instructional videos in how to read these tells and what to do about them, plus a 100+ strong support Facebook group where surprise guests and  training and more goodies await—you have to be a member. 

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It’s my party and I’ll die if I want to

While most people have already rung up their credit cards online or (ugh) in line at the shopping mall, I just got up from a tryptophan coma and am about to have my annual pretzel-bun cheeseburger. 

Why? Because, while less commonly known as Black Friday, it’s actually my birthday. 

But, even as a freshly-minted 33-year-old, I’m still getting a lot of OPP (Other People’s Opinions) on what I should do with my life as if I were still 18. 

To some (namely my mother), this year is the last-chance fire sale for me (and my ovaries) to start a family. 

To the woo-woo witchpreneur Facebook society, this is my  Pinnacle Life Path year in numerology because, like the laundry, life is in cycles. 

Or, better yet, to fellow millennials, this is my “Jesus year,” where I’m supposed to take life by the brass ones and “leave a legacy.”

(I suppose the “religious persecution, torture, and death” part comes after.)


Instead of yet another Black Friday sale or Cyber Weekend discount off, I’m not giving you anything. 


Well, it’s my birthday, dammit. 

Which is why I’ll be going live tomorrow in my private Facebook community about, among other things, the goals for my 33rd year and how they can make *you* more profitable. 

To get access to the livestream—and about 50+ other livestreams and videos all on how to get more and better clients with the same psychological tools and sales techniques 80% of the Fortune 100 are using this Black Friday and every other day—go here:

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Why I’m not giving you jack shyt this weekend

A while back, a client hired me because she was in what she called a “launch fog.”

After almost two weeks of nonstop live-streaming, value-giving, and freebie-fulfilling, she was exhausted. 

Even when she exceeded her initial financial goal, she was none the happier for it—if anything, she never wanted to do it again. 

We have the same personality type (ENFP) so I knew exactly what she was talking about as, a little over two years ago, did very much the same thing: 

I had paid a coach thousands upon thousands of dollars to give me a business plan (a week-long challenge, constant livestreams, and webinars, being “on” social media nonstop) that made me almost give up my business altogether. 

Which is why I gave her the best advice I’ve ever received: 

“When everyone else is doing one thing, do the opposite.” 

(And while a few internet schmarketers out there are trying—and failing—to take credit for this adage, it’s from Dan Kennedy.) 

Nowadays, where everyone zigs, I adamantly zag. 

This includes: 
– putting an immediate hard stop on all free masterclasses and challenges
– refusing to do a single webinar—or typical “launch”—ever again
– and, in the biggest FU to the coaching community, NOT making Facebook my main source of traffic and income.

And my business has only become all the *better* for it. Even if that’s against all the “rules” and “laws” of being a successful Internet marketer. Plus (and more importantly), it’s a lot more fun. 

And that’s because my business is now more attuned to my personality type, and not to a blanket, one-size-fits-all strategy. By not having 4039303 funnels with that many downsells, upsells, and sidesells, I no longer have the entrepreneurial ADD or “stuckness” that mindset coaches gleefully profit from. I actually get things done—and not because I’m all about the #hustle. And, better still, I now have the creative flexibility to do the things I WANT to do. 

Because, when I want to do it, I’m more passionate about it. And because I’m passionate about it, I’m better at it—which only benefits my clients and customers. So, everyone wins—even if it’s not according to some eponymously named gouroux launch program. And, by understanding your personality type, you—and, by extension, your clients, customers, and even family members and partners—can win too. 

Which is exactly what I told her, much to the relief of her launch-frazzled ENFP nerves. 

While everyone else is cramming your inbox with 48347483% off discounts, a free trial this and a bonus that, I’m giving you the same ol’ thing I’ve been giving for nearly a year now (!): An opportunity to join Biz Typology, my membership site where I show you exactly how to leverage your personality type (and those of others) to zig AND zag more effectively. 

To get access to over 50 videos (and counting—our newest series, Typeholes, will be launching next week), plus access to the 100+ strong Facebook community for additional livestream training (plus some surprise training by the greats like Ben Settle), go here:

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Why that personality test you posted on Facebook is wrong

In response to yesterday’s email (about Gary Wanna-Vees and chest-beating loud-mouth Internet baht-millionaires), a client of mine said the following: 

“#truth I am such an introvert who is mistaken for an extrovert…!!” 

Thing is, she’s not the first one to tell me this. 

In fact, introverts more likely to be mistyped as extroverts than any anyone else in personality typing. And this is especially the case for business owners. Which, exposes an inherent flaw in personality typing as we commonly think of it—taking a free test on the internets to share on our Facebook page.

Because much of what makes up online marketing and “personal branding” is considered “extroverted” activities. Like: 

>> Attending networking events
>> Presenting seminars. 
>> Leading group programs.
>> Speaking on stages. 
>> Being on camera. 

The list goes on. 

And, as a result of doing these things and doing them well  (and possibly even *gasp* enjoying them), that free Internet quiz you took says you’re an Extroverted something-something-something, even though deep down you \*know\* you’re not an ENFP, or ESTJ…or whatever it was that you were.

So, why does this matter? 

Well, by thinking you’re one type when you’re actually an entirely different one, you can really stress yourself out—especially if you find yourself trying to emulate these rahh-rahh #HUSTLE  internet marketers like the ones I mentioned yesterday.

And, worse yet, it can often lead you to question your ability to market your business properly.  Or worse, whether or not an online business is even meant for you at all. Which, as I hinted at in yesterday’s email, is far from the truth: 

The savviest, most strategic, most shrewd and sharp-minded entrepreneurs we \*all\* know are introverts. 

Such as Dan Kennedy, one of the world’s leading marketing strategists—and the world’s highest-paid copywriter. And Ben Settle, the world leader in email copywriting education whose $97 a month newsletter is read in almost 40 countries. And let’s not forget Brendon Burchard and the Titaness, Oprah, just to name a few more. 

While I can’t guarantee that I can make you a New York Times Bestseller and 8-figure marketing strategist (yet), I can promise you that my membership site, Biz Typology, will give you more insight into your own inner workings (and thus, \*actual\* strengths and weaknesses) than a flawed and sometimes unreliable free Internet quiz—and in just 4 easy-peasy questions, and for less than your Netflix subscription.

As Biz Typology subscriber Jerrod Harlan put it: 

 “I am literally 15 minutes into the masterclass and have already discovered that I actually align with Introvert. I have thought my whole life that I was an extrovert, but your traits of an introvert are dead on with me. Most impactful $10 I’ve spent in a loooong time!”

To get instant-presto access to over 50 short-bite instructional videos—including the bonus masterclass that gave Jerrod his lightbulb only 15 minutes in—plus access to the 100+ strong members-only Facebook community, go here:

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The truth about Gary Wannavees

Curing your hexual dysfunction

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, where Ben Settle still had Facebook, he quoted this little nugget from A-List copywriter Bob Bly:

“Today, a guru seems to be someone who curses like a sailor, goes to any extreme to seem edgy and cool, has an ego the size of a humpback whale, and wants to extract thousands of dollars from you by getting your credit card number to sell you an outrageously expensive course, “training,” or mastermind group membership teaching how to make a million dollars a week in info marketing, copywriting, coaching, consulting, small business, or maybe option trading. Am I the only one tiring of this new generation of brash, loud, conceited, egomaniacal gurus?” 

I agree with both B’s (Ben and Bob) that this Internet Marketing trope is becoming ridiculous.

Now almost any tattooed schmo with a faux-boxer a mugshot-like lede photo can be an expert in 10xing your funnel, “alpha masculinity” and being a “boss” at… whatever it is they do.

And, because of that, many people believe you need to be an extrovert to be successful in business. 

After all, all you need to do to have a successful business is:

– yell on livestream every day about how, if you’re poor, you don’t want wealth bad enough. 
– post filtered photo after filtered photo of your exotic meals (or cars) and how they’re the result of your love for the “hustle”
–  endlessly brag on email about how much you made (and spent) today and that, to get on that “level,” you have to buy their “how to make alpha muney” course. 

But, that’s simply not true. And not just because they’re Gary Wannavees living a rent-a-lifestyle.  

Hands down, to be successful on social media, you need to be entertaining.

 But, some of most entertaining (and successful) people on the planet were actually tremendous introverts.

Take Johnny Carson. 

He was at one point (if not still currently) one of the most watched man in human history. While, yes, this was pre-Internet and social media, the fact that the entertained 400 million people every night on live (pre-HD, pre-time delay) television without nifty tricks and scammy hooks counts  OR needing to go viral, is worth infinitely more than what any baht-for brains Internet marketer claims he’s worth.

And, there’s a reason for that. 

Introverts, while definitely not the loudest in the room, are certainly one of the most conscientious—of the other person’s mannerisms, the audience, and, in Johnny Carson’s case, their interviewees. 

This is especially when it comes to some of the all-important elements of being entertaining: 

Comedic timing. 

Or, when used in business: knowing how to put their leads at ease… and then close them, seemingly effortlessly.

Knowing these strengths makes all the difference in keeping your audience’s attention, getting more engagement…and, yes, making more money. Even over us extroverts. 

I go over this—and much, much more—in my membership site, Biz Typology. For less than this month’s Netflix bill (no Christmas movies included), you’ll get instant-presto access to more than 50 videos (and counting) that show you how to leverage these psychological advantages you have other personality types (even if some extroverts may tell you otherwise). And, by joining, you’ll also have access to a 100+ strong Facebook support community to put your skills to the test, as well as surprise training sessions by the master of introverted email marketing, Ben Settle, and more.

To get access, best go forth here:

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Curing your hexual dysfunction

A while ago, someone shared an article on Facebook that was called “8 Signs You’re a Highly Intuitive Empathy Sensitive to Energy.” 

If you’ve read any of my emails about woo-woo witchpreneur life coaching community, you already know what I think about this.

But I read it anyway.

According to the article, the eight signs are: 

1- Dreaming about events before that happen 
2- Having a bad feeling about a bad situation, and being right
3- You just connect with some people 
4- You usually get what you want
5- You have to recharge a lot 
6- You can predict how things work out 
7- You know when someone’s full of it
8- Even a completely silent room seems noisy

The first one should not be a surprise (as premonitions are basically a prerequisite to the Secret Society of the Social Justice Witch Warrior Empath) but the rest got me thinking: 

Was the writer just describing a particular personality type?

Needing to recharge (especially after doing something tiresome like human interaction) and feeling overwhelmed even in a quiet room—those are all traits inherent to even the least introverted of introverts. 

And there are personality types—N’s—who are always forward-thinking, contemplating their next move, out of fun or strategy (or both). So much so, they can almost “intuit” whether someone/something is bad news, as well as how things are going to work out in the future (or how to spin it in your favor). 

Thing is, this isn’t magic. 

This is just how people function.

(Never mind dreams can be “prophetic” because your brain digests the situations and problems you encountered while you sleep.)

But it’s much *hexier* to say these traits are divine gifts, bestowed upon us by God/the Universe/Source/Spirit/Spaghetti Monster. 

And, maybe it is. 

But where these psychological traits come from doesn’t matter as much as how you use them. 

Like, the N ability to discern a good situation from a bad one—and acting accordingly. Or the introvert’s talent for *really* listening—not because their crown chakra is clear or their heart-space is open, but because they’re not doing all the talking (unlike us extroverts).

This is the kind of stuff I talk about in my membership site, Biz Typology—not aura clearings or intuitive biz-woo readings, but using real psychological tools like personality typing in your business and personal life. 

(The same psychological tools that 80% of the Fortune 100, btw.)

To get access to over the 50 videos (and counting) on how to use these psychological tools to get more and better clients—no sage, vibes, or crystals needed—for less than your Netflix subscription, go here:

Stefanie Arroyo

Cybering Monday poorn

Now that Cyber Monday has reared its ugly, annual head, I can’t help but think of how the word “cyber” had a very, VERY different connotation when I was growing up. Here’s what I mean: 

As a kid growing up in the mid- to late-90s—as probably the last generation to not have a childhood plastered all over social media—the Internet was not the Internet money and fame machine that we all know and love (to hate).

(Some call the small sliver of time I grew up in the “Xennial generation”—where kids had an analog childhood but became digital as late teens.)

Instead, it was a place you to “hang out.” Specifically in AOL chatrooms and Yahoo! groups that, after spending the last half hour trying to dial-up into (if your mom wasn’t using the phone), you could use you can make friends with Internet strangers and talk to them on now-extinct mediums like MSN Messenger and ICQ. 

(I for one exercised my on-point HTML skills on a heavily cultivated AOL Instant Messenger profile.) 

Of course, those older than me are probably rolling their eyes already (I know my INTJ is) and those younger are wondering how I ever survived. 

Thing is, the Internet (with a capital I)—as those who remember, and those who have heard the tales—was largely the Wild West. And that’s not talking about the little to no regulation of Internet marketing. 

I’m talking about cybering. 

Where, when sequestered away on private messenger… or right out in the middle of the IRC chat…some creep would inevitably ask: 

“You wanna cyber?” 

Of course, I was around 16-17 years old at the time—and this was before Chris Hansen made a living off of pretending to be a girl like me, to rope-a-dope men like those who were asking. 

Because, by asking me to “cyber,” they were asking me for Internet secs. 

And, even if you look up the term “cybering,” the first Google hit is the Urban Dictionary definition, which describes it much more succinctly (and graphically) than I just did. 

Which is why, every Cyber Monday, I can’t help but laugh. 

BUT, 90s-kid jokes aside, it is an astonishingly apt description since this is the time of year when suddenly ever email list you’ve ever joined (or were forced onto, GDPR be damned) lights up like a single girl’s text messages during the holidays:

Suddenly everyone with a product to sell suddenly slides into your DMs like it’s Yahoo! Messenger all over again you for some digital tail out of the blue, when you barely remember or even know them. 

Out of integrity, I’m not going to pretend I’m the best emailing daily. (You can blame my personality type for that…which I do.) 

But I will shout from the rooftops that, even though sometimes weeks can lapse between email spurts—I don’t treat my list like a five-dollar ho. Or, like an Internet stranger I can have a one-night cyber stand. 

Which is why I haven’t cobbled together a last-minute Cyber(ing) Monday product…or I’m not slashing my prices by 47384839% for “one-day only” (until Cyber Tuesday becomes a thing). 

I’m not Black Friday-bashing (which has also become suspiciously popular), mind you. There are plenty of marketers who are making bank this weekend. 

But, it doesn’t work with my personality type—by going with the sales grain because “I have to” and forcing myself to compete with 4737273840 other marketers doing the same thing, at the same time, I’m going well against the grain of my ENFP personality type. 

Which is something I tell my clients or my subscribers of my membership site Biz Typology to never, ever do, much to their greater peace of mind (and, in the end, bigger piece of the sales-making pie): to never go against their very brain mechanics just because the marketing sales calendar says so. 

Even if it’s cybersecsy. 

Anyway, on to the ripe, juicy pulp: 

To learn more about what makes your personality type tick, and how to leverage it in your sales and marketing—including whether or not cybering your customer list is something you want to do for the holidays—I have about 50+ videos that are primed and ready for viewing all on how to identify your personality quirks and use them for your (and by extension, your client’s) advantage.

To join—without any discounts, percentages off, or any cybering flimflammery—go here:

Stefanie Arroyo

Your Sunday (extremely time sensitive) slap in the face

After traveling for about 12 hours, I groggily woke up alone in bed, with the following drippingly-romantic love letter in my inbox from Ben Settle. Hallmark, take note — this is what romance looks like: 

I want to do the livestream about profiting from trolls in your group today. Tell everyone. I will do it when I get back [from my 10-mile walk], not sure the exact time, but it will be probably before noon PDT.  They will have to be there live for as we will take it down immediately after. The best question will get a free copy of my $986 Affiliate Launch Copynomicon book. Thank you.

Alas, here we are. 

(The “Thank you” was the real heart-melter.) 

As Yours Dryly as said, he will be making a rare appearance on livestream in my subscribers-only Facebook group.

If you caught my not-so-sneaky recording of his presentation at Brian Kurtz’ Titans Master Cass that was summarily wiped from the Internet only a few days ago, this is another—albeit just as limited—opportunity to learn more from the Troll-Tamer himself on how to use haters for profit. 

(Like how he padded his wallet with a nice cushy extra $30,000 from a major hip-hop artist calling him a racist on Twitter.) 

And if you totally fumbled and missed that golden opportunity (that last livestream in particular was worth $11,500—literally, as the cost of attendance to the Master Class), here’s your (likely) last chance.

Because, like that livestream, this will be up for only a limited time. 

But, unlike that livestream, it’ll be up for an even shorter window—it will be coming down immediately after its over. 

(Before anyone angrily replies to me—again: those are his rules, I just follow them.) 

To access this live training (before it goes poof TODAY), and to get a chance to win his newest $986 product, the Affiliate Launch Copynomicon, for free, go here:

Stefanie Arroyo

An evil genius’ guide to wickedly malevolent fun and profit

A while back, international email playboy, Ben Settle, talked about his villainous ways and even more villainous personality type.

He–not so humbly, but always accurately–described how his INTJ personality type is often vilified for their cold, ruthless pragmatism, and little regard for niceties, feelings, and social formalities. (Which, if you’re on his email list like I am, is precisely why you follow him to begin with.) 

However, I will raise that the INTJ is not the only villainous type: 

As INTJs put the “leave me alone” in introversion, their standoffishness and abhorrence for people puts a governor on how far their insidiousness and villainy can reach from the depths of their lair. 

That is not the case for ENTJs, their more charismatic yet just as devious brethren. 

(It’s easy to confuse the two and, with only one function differing between them, you’d think they’re one step away from being a gruesome twosome.) 

But, an ENTJ is at the podium, infecting young minds and nubile bodies with their persuasive–and often manipulative–rhetoric, an INTJis cackling to themselves in their underground lab, petting their equally villainous cat. And, where an ENTJ recruits others to do their evil bidding,  INTJ is a one-man death squad.

Which is why I say (as it’s my sandbox, my sand) INTJs are the *most* villainous of all types. 

“How so,” you ask? 

Because it’s not fame or notoriety they seek, nor to stroke their massive, veiny egos either— —they want power, and power alone, and they get it on their own. And, when evil, they’re truly evil, and only for evil’s sake—they are the most self-serving of them all. 

But, they do have a weakness. 

A chink in their armor. 

Even a gold kryptonite.

Their soft spot is only millimeters-wide–and defined as being “less hard” than the rest of their rigid exoskeleton–but it’s still there.

And let’s face it: even the Grinch had a dog. (Like Ben has his Zoe.) 

A spot that Ben Settle, in a shocking reveal of vulnerability, shows you how to exploit and plunder for profit in a recent talk he gave at Brian Kurtz’ Titans Master Class. 

In this 30-minute presentation, he goes over the 7 devilish email secrets on how to expose the soft underbelly of your clients where they’re almost powerless to buy from you — including him where, by his own admission, the email ad man himself was scrambling looking for the “Buy Now” button. 

(This is especially helpful if you write in the health or fitness niches — if you want to hear what makes even the hardest and most skeptical of prospects to buy your health product, there’s more inside.) 

The cost to attend Titans Master Class — and hear presentations by Ben Settle, Perry Marshall, and be hot-seated by Jay Abraham — is upwards of $11,500. 

But, through Brian Kurtz’ never-ending kindness, I was able to essentially scoop the 5-figure event and livestream Ben Settle’s talk for subscribers of my membership site, Biz Typology, for less than this month’s Netflix bill.

(Essentially saving them $11,490 in the process—and, like Netflix, they don’t even have to get out of their PJs let alone leave the house to watch.) 

Thing is… considering the value of the talk (never mind the cost of attendance — just implementing ONE of these secrets netted Ben almost $30,000 of *extra* income in a week)… as well as Brian Kurtz’ generosity,  the talk won’t be available forever. 

It’s up, right now for presto-instant consumption, in the members-only Facebook community… but only until midnight EST tonight. 

After the clock strikes midnight Halloween night tonight—in less than 12 hours—the video will be taken down to never been seen again (on Facebook or in the membership portal). 

To get near-instant access to the 30-minute, 5-figure presentation — along with hours upon hours of copywriting and marketing teachings using the same psychological techniques as 80% of the Fortune 100 — as Ben would say, go forth ye here before the deadline lapses tonight:

Stefanie Arroyo

The “pussies in a bag” marketing plan

Yesterday, news came out that two female rappers, who came to literal blows and fisticuffs at the Met Gala earlier this year, are at each other’s throat again. 

Not to go too much into detail, here’s the short and shorter of it: 

Rapper Nicki Minaj appeared on her radio show and made several claims about fellow rapper Cardi B, calling out (among other things) the legitimacy of Cardi’s street cred. 

Mainly that, during the highly-publicized catfight, Cardi had actually gotten beat up by one of her fellow co-stars and was not “accidentally hit” by security as she claimed in response to photos of her leaving the Met Gala with a black eye. 

This is the equivalent of the big-man-on-campus football jock, who said his black eye came last Friday’s game, was actually beat up by the nerd from art class who snuck into the locker room afterward… and the whole school finding out.

Cardi B then immediately responded in a barrage of angry Instagram videos and even angrier tweets calling Nicki a liar, threatening to sue her for defamation, and inviting her to talk it out or “fight it out,” whichever she preferred.  

As it so happens, Nicki’s newest single and music video was dropping that same day. 

So, what does she do?

Enlist Cardi B as her new marketing intern to enact a “pussies in a bag”  marketing plan. 

Since Cardi is an Ol’ Faithful of volatility, Nicki trolled her (on her own platform no less), knowing that Cardi would fan the flames of their “feud” and go viral, just in time for her featured single release.

She essentially lobbed Cardi the softest of softballs and, using her energy (and everyone’s love of a good catfight), boosted her own marketing and sales (of a guest single that, as of this writing has upwards of 17,000,000 streams on Spotify alone) with very little effort

Even if you’re not a big hip-hop fan (which, contrary to popular belief, I’m not), it was a pretty impressive affiliate marketing strategy. 

A strategy not too different from what Ben Settle did recently, to use another (has been) hip-hop artist to boost his own sales, netting him a cool extra $30,000 in a week with just a few emails. 

Ben recently revealed some of these marketing secrets in a 30-minute presentation he gave to Brian Kurtz’ Titans Master Class, with the likes of Perry Marshall and Jay Abraham in attendance. 

To join the mastermind, it costs upwards of almost $12,000. But, through Brian’s kindness, I was able to livestream this talk for my Biz Typology members-only Facebook group, essentially saving my subscribers $11,490 (and however much in flight and travel costs) while not requiring them to even so much as get out of bed to watch it. 

But, like all good things (including catfights), everything at some point must come to an end and access to this livestream—free for subscribers—will be summarily revoked by this TOMORROW, October 31st, just in time for trick-or-treating. 

To access Ben Settle’s 30-minute presentation (valued at upwards of five-figures)…along with dozens of marketing and copywriting videos about how to get more and better clients using psychology for (and against) your clients and customers… all for less than the cost of this month’s Netflix, go here before the deadline tomorrow:

Stefanie Arroyo