Last week, I was out and about my hometown when I stumbled upon what looked like (to me) a quaint little
cobblestone street, romantically lit by the moon. 

I messaged a photo of it to my INTJ, thinking he’ll finally (finally!) see something nice in the “too
congested/dangerous/dirty” city I live in.  

He responded with, “Stefania…that looks like the alley where Batman’s parents were killed.” 

We then started to banter about it, what I see versus what he sees. 

He said, “You see this… (his dog peacefully sleeping, smile on her face)… and I see this… (the evil bloodthirsty
werewolf on the cover of one of his novels)” 

I ribbed him back, saying “I see this… (a stock photo of a chef tasting delicious on a spoon) and you see this… (a
vampire licking the blood off of a knife)” 

He then said, “You see this… (a pic I took of him looking rather handsome)… and I see this… (Jon Belushi in “Animal
House” watching girls in a sorority house undress).” 

I then said, “I see this… (a stock photo of a happy woman talking on the phone)… and you see this… (female vampire
covered in blood, despairing at what she did, calling her sister on the phone for help).” 

And on and on it went.  

The thing is, this isn’t just the first time I see things entirely differently than he does. What would look or seem
rather banal to me (or, dare I say it, even nice), he’d see it as something completely different.  

Like when I took him to the East Village in New York City (a busy, eclectic part of the city well-known for its place in
punk culture) and he saw… something more resembling a garbage dump.  

You could say it’s a difference in upbringing—as a born and raised New Yorker, things like “inexpensive,” “quiet,” and
“spacious” are very relative, while for him, a Midwesterner, a handshake is close contact enough, thank you very much. 

But, it also comes down to—you guessed it—differences in personality types.  

And if you’ve seen my training video about identifying some of these differences, you’ll know who between us does all
the bantering with their Uber driver. Or who prefers to avoid meeting Batman’s parents’ murderer. 

But, it’s more than just knowing the differences between types, it’s also knowing what to do about it—being able to
navigate around them to avoid conflict… and making them even kind of fun.  

Otherwise, it would be a helluva lot more difficult—and decidedly less fun.   

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