The other day while I was grilling us steaks, my INTJ probed me on one of his favorite topics: 


(Yes, again.) 

Specifically, he wanted to know if I’d continue dating should he meet his Maker a little earlier than expected. 

Mulling over my answer, I grew sad. Being a weenie (and a Feeler), even his hypothetical demise was upsetting. I then told him—almost tearfully—that I couldn’t even contemplate the idea of being with someone else after he died. 

His response? 

“WHAT?! Don’t let those bewbies go to waste! Go get another man, I’m already dead!”

(I suppose indirectly putting “from my cold, dead hands” in new light.) 

Instead of diving headfirst into the Death Spiral (as I wrote about earlier this week), I flipped the porterhouse once more, laughing. 

Yesterday, I went live in the members-only Biz Typology Facebook group and gave the antidote to the poisonous Relationship Death Spiral that is so hard to avoid (that is, unless you have these “cheat codes” up your sleeve). To get access to it (along with exclusive short-bite trainings, including several releasing tomorrow about list building according to your specific personality type) get your little candy-hearts here: