Yesterday was a big day for me and my INTJ: 

It was our one-year anniversary. 

After thanking him profusely for his treat (i.e., a couple bottles of very expensive wine for us to enjoy) he kissed my head, squeezed my shoulder, and said: 

“Well, it’s a very special day for you.”

Past-Stefania would have flipped her lid right in the parking lot. Instead, I just started laughing. 


Because I know exactly what he means: 

It is a special day for me. But, not so much for him. And the thing is—that’s okay. Because that’s just how he is. 

(The hundreds of dollars-worth of wine isn’t too bad either.) 

And knowing that difference can mean everything between having a good night out—or a terrible one in. 

Or, having a successful sales conversation and getting the client(or customer)—or yet another hour wasted on the phone with a now-dead lead.

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