A few months ago at the local feed store (or as I call it, the PetSmart for Horses, Too), my INTJ was picking up food for his beloved (non-horse) pet when something in the little chick hatchery nearby caught my eye. 

The one chick to rule them all. 

This chick didn’t look like the rest—where everyone was yellow and fluffy, he was scruffy and black. And looked… almost angry?

Sitting on the water feeder, this Gargamel chick seemed to want nothing to do with the rest of the chick-clan. He was even turned away from the rest. 

To anyone else, this would seem like a case of the Ugly Duckling gone nuclear, with possible evidence of cyber-bullying. Or some fowl version of Ted Kaczynski. 

Instead, I just saw my INTJ in poultry form. And, when showing this to him, he agreed. 


It’s not that chicks (or people) hate him. And, it’s not that he hates them either. It’s more so that he wants to be left alone. And yet, at the top of the water feeder (or, in my INTJ’s case, off a cliff at the western edge of the US) he reaches a strange homeostasis of being away from others…but not necessarily minding them so much. 

Kind of like what the Patrice O’Neal joke my INTJ frequently paraphrases (when wanting some personal space): 

I don’t want you in the same room with me… but I want you in the house. 

Which, is a critical difference. For me and other chicks, fowl or otherwise, around the world. 

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