While in the car with my INTJ the other day, our conversation shifted to the most romantic of topics:


Of course, while he was talking about this, I started to feel sad. 

As an F, I’m like a half-asleep person trying to find the light switch—I have to feel my way through things first. So, in this conversation, I was feeling all the things about him dying. And, since I’m also a weenie, it made my eyes well up a little bit. 

Because I’m an E, I had to tell him what I was feeling, and so I tearfully told him I’d be heartbroken if he died…

Seeing my emotions (and my eyes) start to overflow, my INTJ lightly brushed my cheek from the driver’s side, tucked one of my curls behind my ear, and coldly said:

“Well, with any luck, you’ll die first.”

Were it from anyone else, I’d make sure my seatbelt was secure. And maybe sleep with one eye open. 

But it didn’t come from anyone else. 

It came from my INTJ who, in his INTJ-ness, he sought the easiest solution to my emotional-math problem: 

If he dies, I’ll be sad. If I’m not sad, then he did not die.
Since immortality isn’t on the table (yet), the natural conclusion is: if I die, then I won’t be sad. 

Anyway, I say this because there are loads of things he says that, if I didn’t already know how he operates, I’d be in for a helluva mindfeck. 

Good thing I do. And you can too, by applying personality typing to all your relationships—romantic and business ones, too. 

Biz Typology is open for bidness and, in it, you’ll learn (among other things) how to “decipher” what your clients, prospects, team members, and even partners are saying… without fearing for your life (or, I guess, death). 

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